The clouds have parted to show the clouds!

This is the Small Magellanic Cloud – one of our nearest galaxies at a mere 200,000 light years away. It’s amazing to be able to see nebulae and globular clusters in a galaxy other than our own, to be honest, with the weather we have been having, just seeing the night sky again is pretty special!

The Carina Nebula

A fabulous deep southern object at any time, but this experimental image was taken during a 98% moon which would normally completely wipe out the sky. Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue with narrow band filters to allow colour cameras to work beautifully at any time!

Hunting the Hunter

The great Orion Nebula and Running man above are a great target in our sky at the moment. And for anyone has been in the game for a few decades can recall, it’s been a terribly difficult object to photograph due to it’s high dynamic range. Fortunately every year, astro cameras get better and better so even lazy astrophotographers like myself can get a half decent image!

L-Enhance L-Agoon

A lit of bit of narrow band imaging with a colour camera. The L-Enhance filter rather cleverly still lets light through in the RGB band passes so that the image has a reasonably natural colour, yet does a fine job of bringing out the finer detail of the nebulosity.

Clouds rolling in

What a lovely evening imaging the star forming region of Eta Carina. Its all been made more colorful by my discovering how to add color from other images. So the detail is all mine, but the colour is borrowed until I get some time to do my own 🙂

Zoom Zoom

It’s the moment an aircraft ‘enhances’ your astro-photograph!
I’m not normally a fan of photo-bombing, but I think this passing Jet made a very ordinary shot of the Galaxy M83 so much more interesting 🙂