NASA Says ‘Thanks’

And I say ‘You’re Welcome!’

The supremely successful live feed of Asteroid 2012 DA14 which was broadcast throughout the night and culminated in a show on NASA TV attracted over 7 million views and was NASA’s most successful Webcast ever.

For my part, I streamed for around four hours continuously and by token of thanks the NASA Team sent me a certificate and goody bag. A lovely gesture and a great memento to celebrate a fantastic evening!


2 thoughts on “NASA Says ‘Thanks’

  1. Hi Jonathan
    That’s a great clip you’ve recorded and compiled of Asteroid 1998 QE2! I watched the video on Youtube. Great work, and congrats with the Nasa attention 🙂 I never knew we had our own little observatory here in Samford? You must be well hidden.


    • Thanks Susan, and yes, observatories are shy creatures and like to hide away from people because where there are folk, there’s bright light!

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