Venus Occults Star

Planetary occultations of naked eye stars have got to be one of the rarest celestial events. I had forgotten just how bad the ‘seeing’ was in my pre-dawn sky, but captured Lambda Aquarii emerging from the dark side of Venus this morning.

I’d been hoping to post a nice light curve of brightening as the star popped through the atmosphere, but the bad conditions made the video a little wild!

Very beautiful in its own way…

2 thoughts on “Venus Occults Star

  1. Awesome catch… we wrote about the prospects for catching the occultation of Lambda Aquarii by Venus on Universe Today, glad someone caught it.
    Mind if we feature the catch on Astroguyz as our Video of the Week?


    Dave Dickinson

    • Thanks Dave, it was a very interesting event to watch! And yes, you are very welcome to use the video.

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